how to improve our communication skill to be a sociable person

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写一些自己的 观点,急!!!!!!

The diffuse skills and the public relations experience's relations are so close, if may sharpen own diffuse skills, people's daily social life will also be improved. The people not just may reduce with others have the conflict, may also make itself and others has the happier contact experience. some people thought that the diffuse skills are the born that way special characteristic or the attribute. For example, a diffuse skills high person inborn compares the extroversion, to be good at the human relations. So-called " the landscape easy to change, the leopard doesn't change his spots ", must change the diffuse skills to do great things to be more difficult full-sizedly. The most psychologists do not approve of this view. Otherwise, they thought that so long as can identify may forecast that the diffuse skills the factor, then may design some curricula to train this kind of ability.